Hello and thank you for visiting my haiku blahg.

Perhaps you would like to submit a haiku or two (<- rhyme, not necessary in haiku, though not discouraged) in the form below.

*Make sure to (if you’d like to) leave a title!* (This has been a confusing issue… perhaps write TITLE: and then leave the title here, after the semi-colon).

Maybe your haiku will be featured (it almost certainly will) on my “Friend(‘)s” page in the upcoming days, weeks, months!

Encouragements. Have a nice day.

*AS AN  ADDENDUM, I would like to offer the opportunity to submit with your haiku, a drawing of some sort. I suppose this could accompany or be abstracted from the haiku. I haven’t found a GREAT way to make this an easy process, but if you’d like it to happen, let me know and we’ll work it out.


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