“more than me”

by Anonymous
6 October 2015

I sat and waited
while you moved on, you always
loved her more than me


by Anonymous
7 October 2015

She said all the things
she didn’t really mean it
good thing she’s gone now.


25 June 2015
by Dan DiPiero

Sometimes I go out and
Stand on the mat.
It feels good on my feet.


16 May 2015
by Eli Chambers

i wish my name had
punched through your front teeth like an
exorcised devil


i wish you had carved
my name in estuaries
down and down each cheek


i wish you had puked
my name like sour sustenance
too much wine and flesh


thought you dropped my name
at the salvation army
in bags of bedsheets


i watched my name run
away from you and i hope
you never find it


14 May 2015
by Kyle Tucker

Part 1: i’ve never been good on the spot

hi Alex Burgyone
this is a haiku for you
it is very bad

Part 2: would you like to hear the applause?

small songs is our band
I’m surprised I’m in the group
you should play keyboard

Part 3: monday

today felt the rain
the wind brought softly with it
better than nothing

Part 4: roommates

this house is empty
and the cats ran out of food
we are all hungry

Part 5: better than nothing

each conversation
between us was forgotten
but never our love


4 May 2015
by Haynah Seafaccia

today it’s really
hard to get out of bed it’s
hard to be a goose.

literally, all day. i’ve been in this bed. how does a human being even do this?

“Huntington Dude-bro Douchebagery”

12 May 2014
by Jen DeStio

Bros on corner speak
about some chick with a great
Body, but(t),
Bad face…


“New Job, Birthday”

16 September 2013

by Ann Burgoyne

I got a new job
What a nice birthday present
Goodbye to old crap

by Dan DiPiero

When I have left, don’t
force the issue–
let me go like so many seeds


23 August 2013

by Amy Dunlap

A meal to honor
Two drinks two years ago, time
Spent beginning We.

“Growing Pains”

20 August 2013

by Angela Harris

I cried the first day
My girl was so excited
Miss independent

“Growing Up”

3 April 2013

by Drew Harris

strangely missing yous
imagined yesterdays gone
excitement takes o’er

“To Alexander Michael Burgoyne”

25 November 2012

by Ian Parsons

The ancient French bones
Clatter quietly pleased

“Some Words”

24 November 2012

by Jordan Reed

(not a haiku, still good)

The first thing I thought was “who in the hell gives a fuck about the migration patterns of Canadian Geese?!” And, the sad thing is, there’s, at least, 1 person who does, and she’s unrealistically excited because she now has a little over over an hour (a baker’s hour) to fill our heads with useless information that, I’m sure, we’re all going to actively purge. Her old, stained sweater, it looks like a pair of pre-distressed jeans, or a dumbass hat with a dumbass ripped brim, or something else that’s old, or the bottom corners of a couch of a cat owner, or the tattered jeans of that sexually ambiguous goth kid who sits a few rows down from me who ALWAYS smells like a shitty candle, or something else that should’ve been thrown out years ago, or something else that’s old. This is her time to shine. I’m usually a really nice guy.

“York Street”

2 October 2012

by Dan DiPiero

The homeless man takes
care returning the stone to
its place near the tree

“Welcome To the 21st Century”

1 October 2012

by Aaron Quinn

Look, I am sorry
But we are trapped here for now
There is no escape

Has there ever been?
Has it always been this way?
Can we move on now?

Falling apart has
Never been as chic or as
Hip as it is now

Let’s break down the walls
Wear our best tight pants and shoes
And breathe on our own

Do it in

“Morning Joe OR Haiku in the Style of Alex Burgoyne”

29 September 2012

by Dan DiPiero

In the receding
black water, the sloshing sand
I see my future

“Internal Arguments Are the Best”

29 July 2012

by Aaron Butler

Please, don’t be cliché.
Emotion trumps logic. Shit.
I’m smarter than this.


28 July 2012

by Ian Francis LeSage

Sometimes people dont expect
tickle surprise is the best
Laughter will ensue

“Moving On”

25 July 2012

by Aaron Butler

Learning to move on.
Hoping for something better.
Let’s not fuck this up.

“Shoulds and Woulds”

2 May 2012

by Ian Parsons

of days long past we
harken intermittently
“shoulds” and “woulds” arise

the time line though is
not reality but it’s
just like this–

“The Way I See It”

22 April 2012

by Mike “Nobody Nonperson” Witter

looked out the window,
saw the possibilities
drifting through the air.

so i went outside,
experienced nouns, via verbs.
no punctuation

i always see it
the way i think i should have…
in spite of the truth.

(sometimes, not always:
i over-think when i o-
ver-drink over time)

“the truth hurts” they say…
but only if you don’t live
honestly and true.

“FML: forward|motion|life”

21 April 2012

by Amy Dunlap

motion(s). going through
life. not just going through them.
forward, not idling.


11 February 2012
By Aaron Quinn
Why Does This Always
Happen on a Saturday
Night? (Thanks Interwebz)


11 February 2012

By Drew Harris

We were watching Duck
Tales, and doing our chores late
when you were born, Al.


10 February 2012

by Shane Harris

Happy birthday to
You, happy birthday to you
Best. Haiku. EVER.


8 February 2012

by Greg Sigman

LC call numbers
order erupts from chaos
pigeonholes for all


23 January 2012

by Amy Dunlap

yoga life yoga.
open the brain? open the
body. peace abounds.


23 January 2012

by Ann Burgoyne (my mother)

Storms and their fury
astonishingly simple
mode of renewal

GUEST SUBMISSION #23. “New Job, Birthday” by Ann Burgoyne

GUEST SUBMISSION #22. “Martin Manley, Perhaps” by Dan DiPiero

GUEST SUBMISSION #21. “Two” by Amy Dunlap

GUEST SUBMISSION #20. “Growing Pains” by Angela Harris

GUEST SUBMISSION #19. “Growing Up” by Drew Harris

GUEST SUBMISSION #18. “A Birthday Haiku For Alex Burgoyne” by Aaron Butler

GUEST SUBMISSION #17. “To Alexander Michael Burgoyne” by Ian Parsons

GUEST SUBMISSION #16. “Some Words” by Jordan Reed

GUEST SUBMISSION #15. “York Street” by Dan DiPiero

GUEST SUBMISSION #14. “Welcome to the 21st Century” by Aaron Quinn

GUEST SUBMISSION #13. “Morning Joe OR Haiku in the Style of Alex Burgoyne” by Dan DiPiero

GUEST SUBMISSION #12. “Internal Arguments Are the Best” by Aaron Butler

GUEST SUBMISSION #11. “Tickling” by Ian Francis LeSage

GUEST SUBMISSION. #10. “Moving On” by Aaron Butler

GUEST SUBMISSION #9. “Shoulds and Woulds” by Ian Parsons

GUEST SUBMISSION #8. “The Way I See It” by Mike “Nobody Nonperson” Witter

GUEST SUBMISSION #7. “FML: forward|motion|life” by Amy Dunlap

GUEST SUBMISSION #6. “Interwebz” by Aaron Quinn

GUEST SUBMISSION #5. “Birthday” by Drew Harris

GUEST SUBMISSION #4. “Birthday” by Shane Harris

GUEST SUBMISSION #3. “Library” by Greg Sigman

GUEST SUBMISSION #2. “Yoga” by Amy Dunlap

GUEST SUBMISSION #1. “Storms” by Ann Burgoyne


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