Update OR Too Full For Haiku

HELLO. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, LOOK at THESE collaborations between Dan DiPiero and I.

Also, I’ve had a few more than normal GUEST posts recently. Like THIS one, which is by Jordan Reed. As you can see, it is NOT a haiku, but it is “still good.”

Wrote a haiku piece based on THIS haiku. Have not played it yet. #toomuchgoodmusic

Love having people read my things and like it. SUBMIT something of your own. Or do you have a COLLABORATION idea? Send it to me!

Happy post-Thanksgiving fasts. Eat your fruits and veggies and drink plenty. Water and otherwise.

Update OR Too Full For Haiku


I just wanted everyone to know that I know that I don’t write “correct” haiku. Also, I don’t care.

This is a page that links to lots of other pages about haiku.

This is a blog post by a violinist full of MUSIC HAIKU. She does write (multiple) haiku with an “s,” but whatever.

SOON TO COME: informative haiku post. Super interesting (not boring). Get excited.



New recordings on the “RECORDINGS” page.

Nick Weckman’s arrangement of “Silence is the Question” is beautiful.

The “Dracula” is actually “Nosferatu.” The video is a teaser of the full movie that we provided improvised music.

The beautyofmyland video is from a few years ago. Hal and Al’s is a fun place for a video. (Weird gig I remember)



Realizing that I
haven’t updated in a
moon. Lots of things are

happening, so I
haven’t had the thought. A piece,
written by me, is

is going to be
performed on my recital.
Piece: based on haiku,

also by me. I
hear that Aaron Quinn composed
a piece based my

haiku, but I have
yet to hear it. Bombard his
page, both to ask for

a listen, but to
also look at his things, like


Update OR Dan DiPiero and I Plan a Special Haiku Event OR Frank Illustrates My Brain

I don’t generally do this sort of thing but I wanted to update you on some exciting things that are abound.

The “Friend(‘)s” page is up and running with an archive of all the guest submissions (we have 2!). Feel free to go to the “Guest Submissions” page at any time and submit a haiku or two (<- rhyme) anonymously or otherwise. This is exciting.

Additionally, Aaron Quinn (also @ BusTown) wrote a (couple of?) piece(s) based on my haiku (and one non-haiku). He is guitarist/new music composer/husband (WHOA!)/friend/ and despite his best efforts otherwise, a super rad guy based in Columbus (but probably not forever). Check out his stuff! More to come on this.

Also, Dan DiPiero and I are planning a series of haiku WITH ILLUSTRATION soon. He is a drummer/new music composer/illustrator/food connoisseur/and author  based in the quasi Los Angeles (Cal Arts) area but FROM Cleveland, whom I met in Columbus and hopefully someday soon back in the midwest.  I’m not sure what this will be exactly but I’m thinking of calling it “People and Me and People” or something. Get excited and check him out too. I’ve been meaning to collaborate with him for a long time and it should be an exciting venture. More to come on this TOO.

Thank you for reading. Any day I get more than 3 readers I feel lucky and strange. SUBMIT SOMETHING. Loves.


Update OR Dan DiPiero and I Plan a Special Haiku Event OR Frank Illustrates My Brain


I’m seeing a psrynk. She challenged me this week to make a list of things I don’t like about myself. You all should do it. Its terrible. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to be honest with yourself with pen and paper. In this vein, I will attempt to offer a series of like-minded haiku about self-discovery and disappointment.


*Decided that I’m not going to do this. Making the list was hard enough. I’m not ready for such concerted emotional effort.