Update OR Too Full For Haiku

HELLO. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, LOOK at THESE collaborations between Dan DiPiero and I.

Also, I’ve had a few more than normal GUEST posts recently. Like THIS one, which is by Jordan Reed. As you can see, it is NOT a haiku, but it is “still good.”

Wrote a haiku piece based on THIS haiku. Have not played it yet. #toomuchgoodmusic

Love having people read my things and like it. SUBMIT something of your own. Or do you have a COLLABORATION idea? Send it to me!

Happy post-Thanksgiving fasts. Eat your fruits and veggies and drink plenty. Water and otherwise.

Update OR Too Full For Haiku

Weekly Writing Challenge – Colors of Never Leaves

COLLABORATION by Amy Dunlap and Alex Burgoyne

Hot, not as red, just
above warm. In my belly
and my toes and nose.

A little bit uneven.
A little bit intriguing.

Hot, er than orange.
In my eyes and my head and
in my heart. Engulfs.


Wincing the night away.
I get knocked down, sun gets me
up again, again.

Her hair and my teeth.
My tack and her tea.

Weekly Writing Challenge – Colors of Never Leaves