Seekers and Tweakers and Broken Beakers OR I’m Also Inspired To Write While Reading

Seekers make up my closest friends.
Those who never seem to be relieved.

I am perhaps one.
Sure to claim no relief, but much to overcome.

There are parts of me that can’t wait to learn and grow.
Others feel the weight of the wide world and get stuck.
I’m on the outer-edges.

Some among my friends,
seem to have hit something like gold.
With no fear: true.

It isn’t that I’m afraid of being true, just that there won’t be a
single friend left after I’m through with the true.

Life blows up.


Seekers and Tweakers and Broken Beakers OR I’m Also Inspired To Write While Reading

Unlearning Lessons Learned in Institutes of Higher Learning

Learning to say no,
as opportunities spring,
might be the best thing.

Though, most of my life
has been spent in a whirl of
thoughtless, constant “yes”.

Some sort of stand on
what you want, what you’re willing
is good for the heart.


Unlearning Lessons Learned in Institutes of Higher Learning

I Am Fending Off OR Shower With Praise In Your Soap

This isn’t it, work;
Relief, dread, broken-hearted.
I’m in a field.

Trying to keep my head up during the beginning stages. I’m ready, but the universe is charging. 

Stifled, it’s still cool,
but slow
and grating,
I march.
Hunger and the sky.

It’s like when you look up and see a few stars, and then you look again and there are more, and then again, more.

I’ve never been here.
Never done this or taken
the chance to show you.

My skills are great, but not necessarily applicable universally. 

Years in the halls with
teachers and peers and now I’m
in a fucking field.

Whimsy isn’t; light-heartedness does not come easy to me

Perhaps, it’s laughing.
The joke is perseverance
and its been a week.

Describing your skills in a packet with words is accidental iced tea. 

I Am Fending Off OR Shower With Praise In Your Soap

Adverbs of Frequency

Often, I’m lost with mountains to do. Often, they’re on the back burner. Often, they are left there at the end of the night to simmer. Often, they’re forgotten tomorrow.

Sometimes, I sleep really well and wake up and my back doesn’t hurt and my neck isn’t stiff. Sometimes, I drink enough water and have to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sometimes that keeps me up. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep, and also can’t wake up. Sometimes I have lots of energy in the morning. Sometimes I drink tea before bed. Sometimes tea helps me sleep.

Usually, I shower before work. Recently, I have been showering at night. Rarely od tinghs jelbum in my hdea.

Almost always, I am lost and looking.

Adverbs of Frequency

Below(,) Mountains of Molehills

In a lie, I’m stuck beneath a rock. I’m watching earth move and counting the cold and warm seasons. In truth, I’m atop the rock watching burning life, often wishing I was beneath.

Sometimes thought moves slow
It drags in thick molasses
Like a candle burning

Sometimes life thunders
Claps loudly with little warn
Like a broomstick falls

In a few months, I’ll call San Diego, California home for a few months. Life is constantly more comfortable than it was. And lucrative. I’m building a life with created chaos.

Below me, a soft,
pillowy thing. Above, else.
I am terrified.

Love is strange and open and true. Though it confounds us both often. We’re making strides in each other and ourselves and looking forward to big things. I think we’ve chosen wisely.

Clementine, she loves
and I’m learning to accept
She is my best thing.

Below(,) Mountains of Molehills


Not a haiku. Still good.

by Unknown

sometimes i take a Shower
with the lights off.
but before i even finish showering, i turn the lights back On,
because i remember how afraid of the dark i am.

sometimes i go to the Airport
and just sit in there for a few hours.
because i like watching people Reunite.

sometimes i cut my Fingernails way too short.
like, down to the quicks.
because it’s an odd feeling, the way my fingertips Hurt
every time i touch something.

sometimes i go out in public without my Shoes,
because i like feeling the Real ground,
not just the inside of my shoes.

sometimes i re-arrange my Bedroom,
but then i change it right back
because everyone knows that there isn’t a single person
in the world that isn’t afraid of Change.

sometimes i try reading books Upside-down
because i think thats what it would be like if i couldn’t
at all.

sometimes i just sit and watch the Grass grow,
because we’re lucky that it even grows in the First

sometimes i do things.
sometimes i don’t.


Mix It Up

I am the particular mood in which time slows just enough to become almost unbearable. Moods like moths, unwanted and only bothersome because of their unpredictability and JERKIness. Not as in jerk like the noun, but more like jerk like the verb. Recently, I was told in an email that I was “dicking” like the verb.

There are patience everywhere. Yes I know that is spelled “wrong”. I wish I were impossibly, grammatically perfect so that everyone could assume that I was hilarious. Patients, a virtue.

I live in a house with often one and sometimes two additional males AND often and occasionally, one or two females. Roommates are strange like whispering cats. I think maybe that only happens in my head.

I feel tired like walking in jell-o tubs and very sleepy children hitting my “core” with wooden mallets, sort of softly but sustaining. Also, hangover, no headache.

Bright and the ideal are sometimes lost on those who steer. Also stir. Like toss and turn stir, not like mix these chocolate chips into this dough stir.

My friends are good people. I wish I could keep them. I am however, very aware that friendship, at least thus far in my time, is a relative, geographical, proximity-related endeavor. Time tested as they may be, distance has made bland even the most fiery of my relationships. Fiery? Really? Is there fear of confusion?

Mix It Up