Below(,) Mountains of Molehills

In a lie, I’m stuck beneath a rock. I’m watching earth move and counting the cold and warm seasons. In truth, I’m atop the rock watching burning life, often wishing I was beneath.

Sometimes thought moves slow
It drags in thick molasses
Like a candle burning

Sometimes life thunders
Claps loudly with little warn
Like a broomstick falls

In a few months, I’ll call San Diego, California home for a few months. Life is constantly more comfortable than it was. And lucrative. I’m building a life with created chaos.

Below me, a soft,
pillowy thing. Above, else.
I am terrified.

Love is strange and open and true. Though it confounds us both often. We’re making strides in each other and ourselves and looking forward to big things. I think we’ve chosen wisely.

Clementine, she loves
and I’m learning to accept
She is my best thing.

Below(,) Mountains of Molehills


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