GUEST SUBMISSION – “The Whole of It”

by Anonymous
3-5 July 2015

3 July
everyone is playing
all of the wrong notes today
get me the fuck out

i cant remember
the last time you looked out
and felt the audience

it started out as
a question, but i changed it
to a statement.

I’ve been writing these
from the green room, at my gig
this venue aches me

4 July
It would be a great
favor, if you didn’t show
my name on the poem(s)

it’s shitty to lie,
about how you really feel,
but you need the cash.

Let’s jam soon Alex
Our sad-funk band will kick ass.
They’ll envy the groove.

July 5
weird to play worship
music, for the pious folk.
I worship another Gadd.

GUEST SUBMISSION – “The Whole of It”

Adverbs of Frequency 2

Almost always, I speak before thinking. Almost always I regret it. I also almost always feel comfort in the shared misery of common experience. I am almost always grateful for sad friends. I’m also almost always worried. It’s almost always about nothing.

Sometimes I eat well. Sometimes it’s for many days in a row. Sometimes I feel great and sometimes my head is on straight and sometimes I work hard and sleep really well because sometimes I’ve done a day well. Sometimes I have pizza. Sometimes I have pizza for multiple meals in a row. Sometimes pizza is all I’ve eaten all day, for days. Sometimes pizza is a metaphor for everything else.

Seldom do I run up the score. Seldom do I rub it in. Though, I’m seldom the best.

Often, I’m second best. Often, I’m here watching others doing. Often I wonder how they do it. Often, it seems the answer is biology. Often, biology seems unfair. I don’t feel as though I’m unfair often. I find myself wondering about karma often. Often it’s when I’ve done something nice. It’s not often when I’ve done something not nice.

Occasionally I fall from limbs. I rarely regret that.

Adverbs of Frequency 2