Music Lessons NOT Musical Lessons

Scales in Thirds:

Scales in thirds, perhaps
useful, a bit misguided.
How doors work: open.

Mouthpiece Advice:

Make it sound nice, warm.
Or do it another way.
Nobody gives shits.

Practicing Analogy:

Trumpet playing is
stacking paper. Saxophone:
searching for treasure.

At a job fair. With a slight
cold, nice pants, bottle of scotch.

I’m Confused About What My Work Was For:

Shouldn’t there be a
funnel? Academia—————–>opportunity.

Music Can Be Fun OR Music Can’t Be Fun (*not a haiku, still good):

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about quitting music and getting a “real” job,
I wouldn’t have to quit music and get a “real” job.

Music Lessons NOT Musical Lessons


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