Cauldron’s Dripping

But In sharp contrast –

A plan eludes us
We’re rowing surreptitious
circles while we think.

There’s nothing; the angry stench –

Failure has a smell
It swims beneath you and then
gobbles you right up.

Luckily, the sea –

The last stanza lifts
Like ocean waves I’m tossed and
turned back, angry, new.

Cauldron’s Dripping

I Can’t Swim But I Can NOT Drown

I can’t swim quite yet.
Most times, I can tread water.
Jazz is kind of hard.

As I gain experience playing and performing, I find myself looking for different things in the music I’m making. I think for most of my improvising career, I have felt like I was underwater MOST of the time. Maybe I’m not underwater any longer, and I’m not jumping and doing flips, but I can tread and breathe in most situations.

I Can’t Swim But I Can NOT Drown